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Membership Reclamation

Membership Reclamation



Greetings Brothers,

Welcome Home to Kappa!

Brother, if you have been financially inactive, you may reclaim your membership in good standing status by bringing your financial dues up-to-date as follows:

  1. Pay annual dues of $150.00 plus applicable reactivation fee.
    • If inactive for 1-3 years, reactivation fee is $30.00
    • If inactive for 4 or more years, reactivation fee is $50.00
  1. If you haven't paid your one time housing assessment fee of $100.00,
    that is also due.

Please login to the member portal to make your payment using the following credentials:
Username: Your Membership ID Number
Password: Please Contact IHQ to Obtain Password

You will then be able to enjoy the Kappa Alpha Psi Online Community!
Membership in "Good Standing" has its privileges. Come Home to Kappa!

Please contact International Headquarters at (215) 228-7184 if you need assistance.

Reclamation Chapter of the Month

This past year, we experienced overwhelming joy as brothers from all across the country came home to Kappa. Brothers were reclaimed via word of mouth, social media, and grassroots efforts of chapters and brothers like you around the country. That "Good Ole Kappa Spirit" is alive and well and a sense of rejuvenation is permeating throughout the fraternity. The National Reclamation Committee set out with an ambitious goal of enacting bold out-of-the-box initiatives that had not been done before.  Brothers responded and it is our intent to exceed last year's efforts.
In conjunction with our National Technology Team and International Headquarters, we will seek to develop processes and procedures that assist with collegiate brothers' transition post-graduation.
This past year we recognized a chapter each month via social media platforms and our "What's Happening Across Kappa Land" Email Communications. We also highlighted our efforts in The Journal. Additionally, we encouraged each province to give reclamation awards at their Province Council. At the 84th Grand Chapter Meeting in Philadelphia, PA we awarded the Small, Medium, and Large Chapters that reclaim the most brothers (number/percentage) for a total of 6 National awards.

Find Your Sands Initiative

All across the nation brothers use National Founders’ Day as a time to celebrate the founding of our beloved fraternity.  For some, it is a time of re-dedication.  For others, it is a time of reflection on when we crossed the burning sands.  No matter the reason, we all should all feel a sense of pride and joy with being members of the greatest fraternity known to God and man.

The 33rd Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles Jr. and the National Reclamation Committee dubbed the week of January 15th as “Find Your Sands Week”.  Reclamation begins with your line brothers (LBs), your chapter of initiation, and hopefully your current alumni chapter.  We ask that you reach out to your sands and encourage them to come home to Kappa by contacting International Headquarters at (215) 228-7184.  Even if you cannot get active at this time, brothers are still encouraged to call to update their Address, Phone, and Email.

Post your photos to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #FindYourSands and email them to